Kay Pee OHS!


Festive April!

 HIHS goes into the festive mood for April. Music, dance, art and all!
 The month of April would be a month that the students (and teachers) of HI would never forget for the years to come.
 The school, which was decorated and practically adorned in vibrant colour and life for the Aesthetics Month - Creative Arts For Everyone @ HI (Cafe @ HI).

 The school teachers of the aesthetics department had the entire month planned out. Several activities for students to learn to appreciate art. From workshops to art exhibitions to even a concert.

 The teachers left no sight unchanged, decorating and putting up paintings done by the students of HI themselves. A staircase was wrapped and even the trees in the field were wrapped with eye-catching fabrics.

 Liying, a 13 year old student from 2Humility said she found the Aesthetic Month the best month of the year so far and hoped to see more events going on in school such as the ones planned by the teachers.

 She was not the only one who felt the same way.

 "The Aesthetic month is very enhancing and interesting.Because of the many programmes planned, I found the month very beneficial" says Kian Zhang Quan, a sophomore from 2Humility, Holy Innocents' High School..

 There were different performances during both recess periods where the various performing art groups would perform in the canteen.

 There was an Entree, an exhibition of art pieces done by both teachers and students alike. There were invited guests like parents, teachers and even VIP's.

 On the 16th of April, a concert was held in the school hall which started at about 7.30pm and ended at around 10pm plus. Tickets for the concert were sold at 10$ a peice and within weeks, all the tickets had been sold out.

 The Aesthetic Month has truly been a memorable one and it will be a long time until we forget about it.

 Will any other moth beat the Aesthetics Month? Who knows.