Kay Pee OHS!


HIHS 'Cafe' Goes WOW!

'Cafe' - a concert held on the 19th of April which started at about 7.30pm.

 It was a time to showcase your talents. A time for the performing arts groups of HIHS to shine. It was to promote the schools' performing arts groups and was an event planned because of Aesthetics Month.

 There were several performers and performances like the School Military Band, Modern Dance, Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Drama and even the teachers performed!

 The night was mind-blowing. Absolutely magnificient. The biggest event of 2010 in HIHS so far.

 During the concert, almost all the lights were off except for the stage with different coloured spotlights shining. The atmosphere was great. About six hundred students, guests and teachers were seated that night.

 "The performances were great! And I enjoyed myself alot!" Exclaimed Vanessa Ho, a sophomore from 2Humility.

 It was not only an enjoyable night for the audience, but even for the performers themselves!
 Theresa Kwek from Choir said that the applause and screams from the audience made her and the rest of her group feel that all the hard work and efforts they put in for the concert paid off really well. It was truly worth it.

 Everyone put in their best. 110% and more as they spent hours rehearsing and staying back in school till 7pm+ everyday.

 Even though everyone was tired at the end of it all, they still went on.

 The concert turned out great thanks to the performers, the teachers in charge of the whole event, the backstage crew, and not to forget, the audience.

 The concert finale sent the audience flying as they ended it with a bang with teachers who gave a dance number.

 Truly an amazing experience.