Kay Pee OHS!


A Bonding Adventure

 Secondary 2 students of Holy Innocents' High School set out on an adventure.

 From the 8th to the 10th of Febuary, the sec 2 students of HI went on a camp which had a focus on teambuilding activities and building self-confidence through various activities which require teamwork, perseverance and trust.

 Working in a team has its benefits.

 The camp was held at Jalan Bahtera MOE Adventure Campsite which lasted 3 days and 2 nights.

 Early in the morning, the students were sent off in buses and off to camp.

 Discipline was a necessity as the students needed to learn how to be independent.

 The students had no idea what they were in for.

 It was always rush rush rush for them as they had to meet various deadlines and time constraints. All the classes were divided and sent to their bunks where they familiarized with their surroundings.

 There were various activities set out for the students. From high elements where students would climb metres off the ground and conquer their fears and phobias of heights and sea elements where everyone had a go at kayaching.

 Everyone was having fun and enjoying the camp but some had to leave early due to sports competitions. Merwyn, a 14 year old student who missed it felt disappointed that he was not there to enjoy the camp with the rest of his classmates but was upbeat that he returned in time for the campfire.

 The campfire is usually held on the last night of camp where students would perform in front of everyone else and everyone would have a good time in front of the fire singing and cheering.

 After the night of campfire, the morning after, prizes were given out to the top classes, students, PSLs and other awards to let the others know who gave their 100% best in all that they did, showed the core values of integrity, respect, humility and love.

 Although most initially hated the camp and were reluctant to go, they eventually came to terms with it and some even actually enjoyed the camp.

 Suman, a student from 2Humility was quoted saying "Starting of the camp, I was really reluctant to go to the camp but when i finished the camp, I'm starting to think that I'm foolish."

 Hazel, also a student from 2Humility added that she hoped that in the future, there would be more camps like that.

 An adventure camp like this really brought out the adventurous spirit within every single one of us.