Kay Pee OHS!


         Creativity Condensed!
 Artworks of both students and teachers are put together in a flurry of an Entree.

 Not everyone knows how to appreciate art so HIHS is on a mission to help students do so. How? And so Aesthetics Month was born!
 The month of April is aesthetics month. This is where Art, D&T, F&N and even Music, com together to give you an explosion of festive spirit and enjoyment.

 An Entree was featured at Space in HI on the 12th of April, which started at around 6.30pm.

 HIHS invited students and teachers to attend the event to witness this mind boggling event.
Ms Sandra Tan, an art teacher of HIHS, gave us an overall description of the event. She stated "It took about 4 weeks to put everything up. All you see at the exhibition are all done mostly by students. I feel this is a good time to 'uncover' past year O'Level artworks that had gone into 'cold-storage' and it is also a good time to show students what their peers had done. I believe it is a good time for students to appreciate art more and it's so much more than just painting on paper and stuff like that."

 Indeed, art is not just about drawing and colouring, but also many other things like passion and enjoyment.

 Talented students played the piano all through the night. Although most of them were tired, they still enjoyed playing the piano for people to enjoy the melodious music.
 Their hard work did pay off on that night.
 Jasper, a sophomore from 2Love commented that he found the exhibition an enjoyable one where he was able to see works that not even he believed students were able to do. He also added that he found it very beneficial to him.
 People who came to the event were very much fascinated by the many kinds of arts on display. It was a wonderful experience for them.
 Many students were involved in this event too!
 One of which are the NPCC cadets who helped to usher visitors to the space where this magnificent event was held.
 Truly a night to remember.

 More aesthetics programs will be coming up. Stay tuned.